Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about laminate countertops? Here are answers to some of the most common.

Fixing Scratches

Scratches can never be removed but can be hidden using a little inventiveness. Colour-coded filling sticks can help disguise the mark. If its a very dark colour the same can be achieved using a black or other coloured Sharpie marker.

Fixing Burn Marks in Laminate Countertops

In the case of a burn where the laminate has bubbled, it cannot be repaired. Sometimes you can remove a small section and replace it, but that doesn’t look much better than the burn. A hot pot can burn and destroy a countertop in seconds. Always use a protective pad when removing pots from the oven or stove.

Laminating Over an Existing Countertop

Although possible, it is not recommended due to the need for complete contact with the service below the laminate. Only counter tops with a square edge are suitable but it can be messy and costs about the same as replacing the countertop.

What Information is Required to Get a Quote?

Bring a sketch of your  kitchen or vanity with close measurements to our first meeting. After determining the material to use (colour, pattern) and profile (front-edge design) a reasonably accurate quote can be prepared. If you’re happy with the estimate, we come on site and make final measurements.

How Long for Preparation and Installation?

It takes about 2 ½ – 3 ½ weeks from order to install date. But this could vary depending on day of order, if a special color or finish has been selected and work already committed.

Can I Install the Countertop Myself?

You can but you need to be handy, its not a good thing for first-timers. There are correct ways to fasten it to the underlying cabinets to assure a solid fit. It you have separate back or side splash items these need to be fitted and the seams sealed.

What type of sinks can I use with laminate countertops?

The most common is surface mount where the edge of the sink sits on top of the counter. The sink hole is made slightly smaller than the outer edge of the sink and the sealed with silicon or caulking.

The alternative is a new a product from Karran Sinks, called flush-mount. In this case, the substrate material is removed around the edge of the sink opening allowing a lip where the underside of the laminate is exposed. The sink is then glued directly to the underside of the laminate surface. It costs more but it solves the problem of leaks and offers a seamless appearance. As this is a new product, limited sizes are available for vanities and kitchens.

Under-mount sinks are not suitable for laminate countertops as it exposes the substrate, which is hard to waterproof. We don’t offer this service for this reason.