Our specialty is countertops so we take great care to assure that all aspects of our service meet your standards.

To do the job right, we:

  • Review and verify measurements, provided by homeowner or contractor
  • Provide a wide variety of colour/pattern samples to help your selection
  • Provide homeowners with a list of installers who can do on-site measurements and/or installations
  • Offer delivery of your countertop, at reasonable rates.

Guaranteed Quality

We are confident enough in our work to offer a 12-month guarantee on our labour and materials.  If you have a problem, just call us.


For the homeowner

We provide the custom fabrication and we can provide you with a list of contractors who can perform the initial measuring and on-site installation.  We provide you with a 12 month warranty on materials.

For the do-it-yourselfer

If you are a home handyman and want to do the installation yourself, we’ll build the countertops to your exact specifications and let you do the fitting and finishing. Proper cutting requires proper tools so be sure you have what’s needed.

For the contractor

We can provide custom countertops to your specific requirements. We are able to work from builder’s drawings and measurements and provide raw countertops which can be installed and finished by your team on site. We offer volume pricing on large orders.