About Us

Countertops Plus was started in 2002 by Bill Johnson. In 2022 Bill retired and Evan Stewart picked up his tools. Evan: “My goal is to maintain the same level of quality and craftsmanship that Bill has maintained for the past twenty years.”

We are a small business that takes pride in craftsmanship and a job well done. Our specialty is the creation of custom countertops for use at home or business. Our material of choice is laminate from suppliers such as Arborite, Wilsonart and Merino, among others. These companies offer a wide range of colour and pattern options to suit any décor.

Laminate countertops offer style, durability and are a very cost-effective alternative to such materials as stone and solid surface. The many “natural patterns” and gloss finishes offer the same look as much more expensive materials.

Laminate countertops are widely used in new homes in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room where a serviceable, easy-to-care work surface is required. Laminate is also a popular choice in home remodeling projects where the wide range of colour choices and patterns make it easy to complement existing cabinetry. A variety of edge trimming and backsplash styles are also available.

Laminate can also be used in office settings where it can be used on worktables, reception stations and cabinets.

Our area of service includes the entire Grey-Bruce region including Collingwood, Tobermory and Mount Forest.

For special projects, we work with cabinetmakers and carpenters and can provide recommendations to a wide range of contractors.