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For the homeowner

We provide the custom fabrication and we can provide you with a list of contractors who can perform the initial measuring and on-site installation.  We provide you with a 12 month warranty on materials.

For the do-it-yourselfer

If you are a home handyman and want to do the installation yourself, we’ll build the countertops to your exact specifications and let you do the fitting and finishing. Proper cutting requires proper tools so be sure you have what’s needed.

For the contractor

We can provide custom countertops to your specific requirements. We are able to work from builder’s drawings to order tops, but require finished dimensions after the kit is installed. We then provide raw countertops which can be installed and finished by your team on site. We offer volume pricing on large orders.

Planning Your Project

There are several things to consider when selecting the colour and pattern for your countertop. With hundreds of colours and patterns to choose, the process isn’t easy. To help with the selection, we can provide colour-chips and larger pieces you can take home.


Is it to blend in to the surroundings or stand out from the background?

If the former, stick with neutral colours: variations of white, beige, cream and grey with small patterns if any at all. If you want the countertops to accent your colour scheme, look for strong colours and bold patterns using complementary tones or variations of existing colours.

Will it be seen from adjoining rooms?

Try to avoid colour clashes with the colours of adjoining rooms. If unsure, place a sample in viewing lines to see the effect. In some circumstances, you will want the visual contrast.


What about the cabinets?

The colour of cabinets has considerable influence on your choices for the countertop – neutral or white cabinets offer the most options. Natural wood cabinets do well with a strong accent colour and stone-look patterns.

How will it be used?

Laminate countertops are quite durable but require some protection from hard use. Use a cutting board when possible and heat protective pad for hot pots. Laminate countertops will stand up to years of normal wear-and-tear with a minor level of care. Surfaces are quite resistant to incidents such as dropped pots and dishes that can crack less-forgiving materials.