If you require to have your new countertop installed by us, we first ask that you supply your approximate measurements so that a rough quote can be established. Bring the measurements to the showroom where you can choose a colour and front profile.

After this is complete we will then come to your house to perform an exact measurement and template if required. If new cabinets were your option, they will have to be installed before the measurements.

Countertops are then ordered, created, and a time selected for installation that suits you, the installer, and the person doing the plumbing.

After this is done we ask that the existing countertops be cleaned off, drawers removed, and sink and corner cabinets emptied to allow access to fasteners.

We will then remove the old countertops, trim the new countertop to fit, cut out the sink placement for your plumber, and dispose of the old countertop.

If you would like to save some of the install fee, and you are able, you can remove the old countertop yourself.