Inspiring Colour

Laminate countertops offer a diverse range of colours, patterns and even finishes that can add an exciting touch of colour into an otherwise bland scheme.

Bright reds, blues and turquoise (harkening back to the 60’s) are popular for use in new homes but you may want something a little more timeless. Off-whites, beiges, grey and other “stone colours” can fit with most any décor and not be off-putting to future homeowners. Your choice is really to “blend in” or contrast. If the bright colours are too dramatic, look at more pastel versions that offer a compromise.

Keep in mind that all surfaces do not need to be the same colour. An island work area could benefit from a contrasting or complimentary colour but the general recommendation is not to mix patterns.

Because of the vast range of colours and patterns available, selecting the right choice can be difficult. Like selecting paint colours it is advisable to look at swatches and then place them next to cabinets, wall colours or paint chips and even flooring. Don’t forget that countertops usually have a rising backsplash of the same colour, which can make it seem even more pronounced.

Colour laminate can be a solid tone, a pattern or a textured look. Many of the marble and stone patterns include accent colours such as blues, greens and yellows and have a general tint. Patterns can be bold and multi-coloured or extremely small, creating accents and depth to flat colours.

Countertops Plus has hundreds of material samples in swatch books that customers can take home to help make the selection. Lighting can have a big impact on how bright a colour will look so it is advisable to check it both in daylight and under room lighting.

General Recommendations

  • Colour is personal taste so if you plan to sell your home in the near future, it may be better to stick more neutral colours.
  • Check the colour against cabinets, walls and flooring.
  • Keep in mind that countertops represent many square feet so a small swatch may look great but be overwhelming at size.