Warmth of Wood

Laminate countertop manufacturers have been able to simulate the colour and patterns of wood for many years, ranging from maple, ash and oak to the really exotic such as ebony and ebano.

When selecting a “wood-look” keep in mind that it comprises two elements: colour and pattern. Colours range from very warm oranges and even dark reds to cool grey tones and almost black. Light sand and grey tones effectively emulate the look of bleached woods.

As with wood, grain patterns can be barely visible or high contrast. The patterns are frequently created from digital images of the actual wood so it looks authentic – the higher the quality the laminate, the more convincing the appearance.

When making a selection, borrow one of our sample books and take it home to compare it against cabinets, walls and even flooring.

General Recommendations

  • Wood patterns work really well against solid coloured cabinets, especially whites.
  • If the cabinets have colour, look for a wood pattern that is either a contrast with the colour or complements it.
  • Matching a wood-look pattern with wood cabinets can be difficult. Watch out for clashes in colour and pattern.